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Project Description
This project is a package for Addon Nice Server for CRM 4, and you will need Addon Nice Server to use it, see the corresponding codeplex project.

It brings better e-mail campaigns to MS CRM, better document management and delivery of secured URL rather than full document.

Email campaigns
The architecture respects a great part of MS CRM entities: using marketing lists, campaigns, campaign activities, campaign responses.
Emails are generated from the web interface and support the inclusion of dedicated markers which is not allowed by normal MS CRM emails activities generator.
To do so, a special email template editor has been created, it works in any browser (FF, Chrome, etc), and stores its models as normal MS CRM templates.
The emails are generated outside normal MS CRM generator allowing the replace of dedicated markers.
The actual generator is limited in capacity due to the risk of time-out associated to each web transaction, when a time-out occurs, a manual action is necessary to continue the email generation.
Their is a work in progress to replace the email generation with a Windows Workflow task independant of HTTP constraints.

An interesting feature is the possibility to receive a feed-back when each targetted lead or contact/account receives its individual email.
The feed-back is done by detecting an image request and mapping it to the original campaign, email and user, a Campaign response will be generated in MS CRM.

Another is to insert a personalized link in each email which will navigate to a dedicated page conceived within Addon Nice and allowing to qualify the lead and to propose/collect more informations.
This page generating itself campaign responses to track its efficiencyIt contains many parameters to adapt its behavior to many situations (validating and converting the lead, generating campaignresponses, generating information task for a dedicated System User, etc.)

Documents Management
This feature is usefull when you want to inform your contacts/accounts that a document has been generated for them.
Rather than sending the document as an attachement, which is very unsecure, Xrm Emailing send a link to a folder in the Addon Nice server where the user will be able to download it.
If the folder is a secured one (https) the contact/account will have to login in Addon Nice Server to access its document.
Work is still in progress for the inclusion of external documents in a dedicated campaign with special custom entities and using various sources as an xml document listing names and paths of documents for each target or a server folder containing documents with target name in their file name, etc.

You need to have Addon Nice Server running to use this package + Visual Studio 2010
Download the source code, open the solution and build it.
Then publish it on a dedicated folder of your workstation and copy the result to the Addon Nice Web Site root.

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